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March 2006
The project’s final summary report was launched at the Lowry on Friday 17 March 2006.
Changes to our climate could have profound implications for tourism, the leisure industry, as well as the wider visitor economy. Having a better understanding of those future impacts and how best to adapt to them is critical. This study is the first attempt in the UK to systematically assess the likely impacts of climate change on this important and fast growing economic sector (currently worth £7bn to the region).
The report is available here.
Presentations from the event are available here (10mb PowerPoint zipped)
January 2006
The project will shortly reach its conclusions and the final report will be launched at a conference on the 17th March. If you would like to receive further information about this event please contact Steven Glynn
November 2005
November 2005, Climate change will have impacts throughout the century and beyond. If we are to fully understand the consequences of these it is important that we consider how the social and economic situation may change over this period. This report builds a picture of possible socio-economic change in the Northwest region up to the middle of this century and considers what this may mean for the visitor economy
. Read more here.
June 2005
The first research results are now emerging from the project and a report on the work examining the relationship between visitor behaviour and weather is now available to down load. This report discusses the detailed analysis of 30 years of visitor data for Chester Zoo, which has produced some very interesting results
June 2005
The project has now reached its mid-way point. A report has been produced detailing the research to date and covering activities such as communications and engagement with key stakeholders. It is available for download here.
June 2005
May has also seen the conclusion of the "Climate Change and the Visitor Economy of the Sefton Coast" project, which was undertaken by MPlan students from the University of Manchester. This detailed study will feed into the broader work that forms the Sefton Coast case study for the project and discusses issues of physical, ecological, perceptual and economic capacity, focussing on the key area of golf, and the potential growth area of eco-tourism. The report can be downloaded here.
February 2005 The inception report for the project is now available for download. This sets the context for the project, discussing other relevant work and providing details of the research approach that is being taken.
22 Sept 2004 A leaflet to publicise the project has been published. If you would like to receive a copy of this then please contact
Steven Glynn Telephone 0161 834 8834

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19 July 2004 A workshop for the project was held at Tatton Park. The workshop focussed on the opportunities and threats that climate change presented to the rural uplands, the rural coast, coastal resorts and the urban and urban fringe environments, and possible measures that could be taken to adapt to these. There were 29 attendees from a range of organisations (see report for full list) and there were some fruitful discussions. The outputs of the workshop will feed into the research, providing some initial context for the work. The report of the workshop is available to download here.