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An EU networking project on integrated coastal zone management. Special emphasis is on sustainable tourism and erosion and safety. Sefton MBC and the NW Coastal Forum represent the NW region on the network.

RegIS2 is an integrated climate change model that brings together agriculture and land use, water, coastal zone and biodiversity models at a regional scale. The regions covered by RegIS2 are East Anglia and the North West. The project is funded by DEFRA.

An international network of researchers and stakeholders focusing on the links between climate change and tourism.

RUROS is developing a methodology for mapping the actual comfort conditions (thermal, visual and acoustic) of various public open spaces in different cities. This will result in design guidelines to target the development of open spaces in new areas as well as the improvement of existing situations or interventions to the existing urban fabric.

Results from the ASCCUE project will help us to understand the consequences of climate change for the urban environment and to prepare for them through strategic planning and urban design.

A partnership, funded through European Community’s INTERREG IIIB programme for the Atlantic Area, which aims to raise standards and help to deliver the Bathing Waters Directive and contribute to the new European Water Framework Directive.

A project providing high spatial/temporal resolution state-of-art climate scenarios for selected case-study locations as a common service to projects within the Engineering and Physical Science research Council’s ‘Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate’ initiative.

Funded under the ‘Building Knowledge for a Changing Climate’ initiative, this project addresses the capacity of systems in the building sector to adapt to climate change.

The Climate Impacts LINK Project -
This project, funded by Defra, provides data on the Hadley Centre climate models, IPCC emissions scenarios, and observed data for the UK.

The Defra Cross-Regional Climate Impacts Programme -
(web address to be added when available)
Defra have now funded 6 further projects under this programme, for which the ‘climate change and the visitor economy’ project is a pilot. These cover: adaptation responses for new development in Growth Areas; business; water; the countryside and the rural economy; the costs of impacts and adaptation; and linking adaptation research and practice.